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Led by Karen Stanley, we are a team of consultants and expert service providers which can add bench strength to any management team. We're passionate about small business success and social entrepreneurship!

Projects and Case Studies

  • January 2019
    Strategic Planning Retreat for Willie Hutch Jones Educational And Sports Programs Board and Staff. KSFConsulting facilitated an activity which energized and inspired the organization, leading to a plan that resulted in new investments from the Garman Foundation, the Community Foundation of Greater Buffalo and the Ralph Wilson Sports Foundation.
  • December 2019
    KSF consulting facilitated an activity for a small medical practice which clarified the founder’s vision, and communicated the need for excellence in the organization, for every person in the practice and clarified roles and responsibilities. The result was major adjustments in team composition. Some people left, new people who were aligned with the vision came on board. The practice was then prepared for growth and expansion.
  • February 2020
    KSF Consulting began a year long engagement with a medium sized medical practice to generate a plan to achieve their vision for growth and for becoming a high performing organization. Activities during the year included an offsite retreat for leadership, a 7 Habits leadership development workshop for middle managers, and a review of technology and office operations. Results included alignment of operations and personnel with the founders’ vision for a growing, high performing organization.
  • June 2020
    KSF Consulting provided an intensive, hands-on Strategic Planning and Implementation project for a community college, beginning with a retreat, and continuing with individual and group coaching sessions to develop a STRATEGIC IMPLEMENTATION PLAN (SIP, copyright pending) and user friendly dashboard built in MS Teams, for broad access by the management team.
  • July 2020
    Key Success Factors partnered with KGA Strategic on a pro bono project to raise awareness of the importance of the 2020 Census. From July through October, the team staged events and utilized traditional and social media outlets to encourage residents to participate in the Census. The project client was Coalition for Justice Through Civic Engagement (CJCE), a group of 20 not for profit and faith based organizations pushing for social justice in Huntsville, Alabama.

Our mission is to assist companies and organizations implement their Key Success Factors

We work with you to identify strategic priorities.
Key Success Factors consulting helps clients build capacity through Strategic Planning, Project Implementation and Technical Assistance. We create connections between corporations, agencies, suppliers, social investors, nonprofit organizations and the people who fuel them.