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Let us help you find your #KeySuccessFactor

We bring corporate-honed applications for small-medium businesses

and non-profit organizations to maximize their success.


Key Success Factors consulting helps clients build capacity through Strategic Planning, Project Implementation and Technical Assistance. We create connections between corporations, agencies, suppliers, social investors, nonprofit organizations and the people who fuel them.

What We Do

Our mission is to assist leaders and their organizations to identify and implement their Key Success Factors through strategic planning, organizational development, fund development and public affairs.

Strategic Planning

We work with you to identify strategic priorities. Then, we help you develop and implement strategic solutions that put you on a path to success.

Organizational Development

We provide strategic planning, board development, staff training and executive coaching to boost your team to be more effective and efficient in reaching your goals.

Fund Development

We assist companies to pursue their Maximum Revenue Generation goals and Optimize their mix of products and services for Premium Profitability. We help educational institutions and not for profit organizations to identify resource opportunities including grants and strategic partnerships.

Public Affairs

We want to help you advance the issues. We work alongside your organization to articulate your vision, build core competencies, and make connections.

Who We Are

Led by Karen Stanley, we are a team of consultants and expert service providers which can add bench strength to any management team. We're passionate about helping you to achieve excellence as a leader and in your organization.


Pyramid Plan 4 Excellence ©

Our five point pyramid program will help you strengthen your foundation and reach for your highest expectations.

  1. 1. High Expectations and Visionary Goals
  2. 2. Operations: mission critical, competitive advantages in products and services
  3. 3. People: choose the right people who adopt your vision and mission. Build the team, do team building. Encourage personal mastery, tear down stereotypes and mental models that limit diversity equity and inclusion.  Embrace team learning and engage in succession planning.
  4. 4. Marketing: get your message out through integrated marketing. 4 P’s and 3 C’s.
  5. 5. Finance: know your numbers, invite investors, bond with your bankers, plan your capital investments and prepare your working capital.